Society Rules

  1. The name of the Society is the Nottingham Irish Golf Society
  2. Membership of the Society is open to all, regardless of creed or colour
  3. The running of the Society is the responsibility of the officers (president, chairman, secretary, treasurer, handicap secretary, the captain and vice captain)
  4. Officers shall be proposed and elected at the Annual General Meeting. New members must be proposed and seconded by existing members
  5. Members are expected to attend at least one in every three meetings.Those not attending will have to pay the full cost of the subsidised fixtures and it can result in them being excluded from future competitions
  6. The price of a golf day shall include the cost of a meal
  7. The annual subscription shall include the price of a dinner dance ticket
  8. The annual tour shall be to Ireland. Golfers travelling, if not full members of the Society, must become Country Members
  9. Changes to rules can only be proposed and amended at the Annual General Meeting
  10. The Society shall promote and administer amateur golf and uphold and abide by the Rules of Golf as laid down by the R&A