Members Past


A Scotsman who played football for Notts County with the legendary England centre forward Tommy Lawton, was instrumental in getting us off the ground back in 1992 when he helped coach our beginners


As a Tipperary man, it was only to be expected that he should hold the club the wrong way round.

But it didn’t stop him from winning. Despite his competitive nature, he was there more for the craic.


 For a man who didn’t drink, it was hard to get him out of a pub, especially if there was any sort of craic going on. Despite all his illnesses, there was more life in Padraic than the rest of us put together. He was not one to feel sorry for himself


The quiet Mayo-man. Though coming to golf late in life, he loved the game and, especially the Irish Tours and sing-songs. My memory of Jimmy is of him flaked-out bolt upright in the Carne Clubhouse.


The Englishman with the soul of an Irishman, could sing any Irish song you would ask him to.He started playing golf when he retired from the football, and we were lucky he chose us.


The big unassuming man from Armagh with a quick and sharp wit. He had a heart of gold and it was always good to know that John was in our corner. He was a huge supporter of this Society